Saturday, December 27, 2014

British for Audrey

I suddenly remembered that I own a bottle of the wonderful For Audrey from China Glaze nowadays, but have totally forgotten to use it. I felt kinda guilty, so I did a quick skittle mani with the British flag as an accent nail. The purple is A Grape Fit from O.P.I. and the white is White On from China Glaze.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy fourth advent!

Christmas just in few days and I haven't posted a single Christmas mani? Scandalous! Today is fourth advent which marks the last Sunday before Christmas Eve, and to be honest these nails are a couple of weeks old... Well, better late than never.

As you may (hopefully) have figured out, I was inspired by the most Christmas-y candy ever - candy canes, yey! I started off with a nameless dark red polish from The Color Workshop, really classy actually. On top of that I added a coat of one of my favourite polishes, Ruby Pumps from China Glaze. It's not only incredibly beautiful, but perfect for Christmas! The stripes is done with white acrylic paint and a striping brush, as usual.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Enchantment with the lifeguard

Confused by the title? Do not fear, it is only me trying to make a pun! You see, this green neon is named I'm With the Lifeguard and the glitter topper is Golden Enchantment, both by China Glaze. Makes more sense? Good.

The first polishes I can remember to really crave was the Summer Neons Collection of Summer 2012. I still love bright and conspicuous polishes, but I totally adored them back then. After a long time of thinking, I narrowed myself down to buy three of them - I'm With the Lifeguard, Orange You Hot? and Sun-Kissed. So I guess those three polishes are a bit special to me, it almost feels like they were the start to this obsession, haha. 

By the way, great swatches of the whole 12-piece collection by Lucy from Lucy's Stash can be found here. Can you understand why I fell in love?

Since it went so well when I tried stamping earlier this week, I decided to do it again. I'm glad that my intentions actually were a worn-off look, 'cause that what I got anyway haha. Let me tell you it is hard to get precise and delicate results! Or maybe I'm just a novis, hopefully I will get better with some training. :) Anyway here I have used plate BM-003 from Bundlemonster and black polish from Konad.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Depend 132

Hola! I am totally behind with updating the blog, I have so many new manicures to show you. I will really try to catch up completely during the Christmas break that starts on Friday(!). Anyway, since the weather has been pretty shitty, I wanted to brighten up my days, and what way is better than a holo? (=holographic nail polish) I just realized that I only own one holo and the bottle is almost empty, since it's a Depend mini polish (only 5ml) and I've had it a couple of years. I believe that needs to change!

It's so so soooo pretty with the rainbows, I love it! Since it's pretty sheer, I decided to layer it. Here is one coat over a purple polish with a beautiful shimmer from Gintricot - Grape Royal.

Here you also can see that I broke the tip of my middle nail, rest in peace... Hopefully it will grow fast so all my nails can be the same length again!

After a couple of days of wear I felt creative and pulled out my stamping kit. I haven't used for like a year, 'cause the last times I tried it went awful, but I thought I'd give it a new try. To my surprise it went great this time, even if it isn't anywhere near perfect, but I like it. White is from Konad and the stamping plate is BM-014 from Bundlemonster.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Striped skittles

God, it really shows that it is the end of the semester. I was so sure that I had written and published this post last week, but apparently I'd only put in the pictures and saved it as a draft ... Anyway here it is and I will hopefully update more frequently from now on!

Ever since I got my Kiko-polishes in nice, autumn-y colours I've wanted to use them together, preferably in a skittle mani (=different colour on each nail) and that is exactly what I have done. I am fully aware that it is now December, and logically not autumn anymore, but since the weather here in Sweden refuses to get cold and winter-like I thought some autumn-y nails would still suit.

Same technique as in the former post - white acrylic paint (I'm starting to wonder if I ever will use white polish again??) with a striping brush. I bought mine in a set of three of various length, you can find them here. To be honest I've only used one of them so far, but I am very pleased with them, and I believe they have gotten good reviews, so they are a recomendation! :)

Used nail polihses (thumb - pinkie)
China Glaze Sunday Funday
Kiko 333
Kiko 357
Kiko 343
Kiko 279