Hi there! Emma Pettersson is my name and it's me you can see at the picture here above, and I'm also the person behind this blog, obviously. 19 years of age and living in northern Sweden. I study aesthetics and media with graphic design as my main orientation, though I'm dreaming of becoming a translator. I am currently doing my third and last year of what you probably could call the Swedish version of high school. 

When I don't study or do my nails, I like to hang out with my dear friends, read dystopian youth novels and update my tumblr-blog (you can find it under Contact if you're curious). I am also very passionate about cats, fancy fonts, Harry Potter, cleaver lyrics, all kinds of dresses and most important of all: pop-punk bands and their members, (maybe you can guess what song inspired the name of this blog?).

A bit of history
In September 2010, I saw an ad for something that was called 'Grafitti Nail Top' from the Swedish make-up brand Isadora. It was a crackling laquer, amongst the first on the Swedish market, at least as far I'm concerd. I had never before heard of a polish with such magic properties, my 14-year-old self was completely fascinated and at the same time somewhat skeptical. It just seemed too cool (and definitely too simple) to be true, so of course I had to try it for myself. It worked and I was amazed. That was my first contact with nail art, and soon I realized that there was a whole world of different types of polishes, techniques and material to explore out there, just waiting for me. This is the way it all started; all the money, hours and feelings I've given this hobby during the past four years.