Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Striped skittles

God, it really shows that it is the end of the semester. I was so sure that I had written and published this post last week, but apparently I'd only put in the pictures and saved it as a draft ... Anyway here it is and I will hopefully update more frequently from now on!

Ever since I got my Kiko-polishes in nice, autumn-y colours I've wanted to use them together, preferably in a skittle mani (=different colour on each nail) and that is exactly what I have done. I am fully aware that it is now December, and logically not autumn anymore, but since the weather here in Sweden refuses to get cold and winter-like I thought some autumn-y nails would still suit.

Same technique as in the former post - white acrylic paint (I'm starting to wonder if I ever will use white polish again??) with a striping brush. I bought mine in a set of three of various length, you can find them here. To be honest I've only used one of them so far, but I am very pleased with them, and I believe they have gotten good reviews, so they are a recomendation! :)

Used nail polihses (thumb - pinkie)
China Glaze Sunday Funday
Kiko 333
Kiko 357
Kiko 343
Kiko 279

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