Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Depend 132

Hola! I am totally behind with updating the blog, I have so many new manicures to show you. I will really try to catch up completely during the Christmas break that starts on Friday(!). Anyway, since the weather has been pretty shitty, I wanted to brighten up my days, and what way is better than a holo? (=holographic nail polish) I just realized that I only own one holo and the bottle is almost empty, since it's a Depend mini polish (only 5ml) and I've had it a couple of years. I believe that needs to change!

It's so so soooo pretty with the rainbows, I love it! Since it's pretty sheer, I decided to layer it. Here is one coat over a purple polish with a beautiful shimmer from Gintricot - Grape Royal.

Here you also can see that I broke the tip of my middle nail, rest in peace... Hopefully it will grow fast so all my nails can be the same length again!

After a couple of days of wear I felt creative and pulled out my stamping kit. I haven't used for like a year, 'cause the last times I tried it went awful, but I thought I'd give it a new try. To my surprise it went great this time, even if it isn't anywhere near perfect, but I like it. White is from Konad and the stamping plate is BM-014 from Bundlemonster.

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