Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Lately I've seen a lot of burberry pattern-inspired nails on Instagram and decided to try it out myself. I have a faint memory that I have done this type of pattern before, like years ago. I also believe I used grey as a base and purple stripes instead of red, to alternate the mani a little. Now I feel like I need to go and find some pictures.
Update: Apparently I never actually put the design on my nails, but did it on a false nail. I searched through my Instagram feed and found this pic from 21 months ago. That makes it ... January 2013? I'm so ashamed of the quality of the nails, the poses and the photos of this part of my Instagram history. Well, at least it proves that I have gotten better over the years. I believe this is the best striping work I've ever done, I'm so proud of these!

The top photo is with matte top coat, and I used OPIs as you can is in the picture. The pictures below are without any type of top coat, therefor are the blue matte and the stripes semi-glossy, since that are the finishes the glitter polish respective the acrylic paint dries to naturally. However, I think that I like the matte version best.

And here we finally have some pictures with glossy top coat, as usual! I used HK Girl Glisten & Glow, also as usual. For the whole manicure I actually only used one polish; the blue glitter. I believe it is from a brand called Guppy. but I am not enitrely sure since the text on the bottle have worn off. Anyways, the number of the polish 14. All of the rest - the white, the black and the red is acrylic paint! I chose to use it instead of nail polish because it is a lot easier to work with, and also very opaque so I don't have to do multiple layers to get coverage.

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