Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Rhinestone half moons

Guess what day it is today? Wednesay November 19th you may think? Well, that is correct, but what more happens on this very day? Exactly - the Sweden premiere of Mockingjay part 1, the third movie in The Hunger Games series. Excited is an understatement of my feelings right now. If its just nearly as great as Catching Fire, and judging only by the trailer, I will be very pleased.

Earlier this week, in the spirit of the upcoming event, I picked up my old polish from China Glaze's The Hunger Games-inspired collection, Colours From the Capitol from 2012, when the first movie was released. The name is Stone Cold and was inspired by District 2 in the world of Panem, which works with masonry. This grpahite grey dries to a matte finish and looks so much like asphalt it's crazy! Unfortunately I forgot to photograph it before I added top coat and it became glossy, but I think you will get by with only the shiny version, 'cause it is just as, if not even more, pretty!

When I searched for this old polish I remembered that I hadn't used any rhinestones or other types of decorations that I own, for a really long time. So I decided to use these elliptic shaped rhinestones I got from my mother after her trip to Thailand, and put them in a half moon shape around the cuticle. I used my ordinary top coat HK Girl Glisten & Glow to stick the rhinestone to the nail and also went over the whole thing with a thin layer of top coat to secure everything.

(Fun (and a little bit embarassing) fact of the day: In the introduction where I have written the date, I actually wrote February 19th at first. And the worst thing is, I didn't even react when doing it, neither when proofreading the first time. I just noticed and saved myself right before I clicked on 'Publish'. Don't ask.)

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