Monday, November 17, 2014

Gradient + glitter

After all the dark, cosy colours I've been sporting lately, I felt that I needed something lighter and with strong colours as a contrast, and started to look through my more notable shades. With me from the depth of my drawers, I brought an extremely bright neon pink and a nice, warm yellow. I have noticed myself becoming a bit lazy when it comes to nail art, and so was also the case this time. But gradients are so easy, fairly fast and such a fun effect! I chose to use my favourite piece glitter topper for a more interesting look.

When colours blend in a gradient, they can change pretty drastically. My reasonably warm yellow became an even warmer, almost-orange and my fantastic pink (reminder to myself: need to show its true pop and neon over a white) went red. The result isn't nearly as bright and eye-catching as I had imagined it, but I like it anyway! It was nice to wear.

Nail polishes used;
Ginatricot Aspen Gold
Wet n Wild Fergalicious
Maybelline Color Show Clearly Spotted

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