Saturday, November 15, 2014

Face Stockholm

I love this polish so so much, and unfortunately these pictures don't make it justice. In reality it leans more towards purple and also the shimmer, which is only slightly visible in the photos, is actually really evident and creates a beautiful depth on the nail. 

So this is 40 from Face Stockholm, a Swedish (duh, Stockholm?) make-up brand. It is one of the few polishes in my stash that I haven't bought myself actually. Short story, me and some friends were visiting our old teacher from 7-9th grade, and somehow started to go through her make-up (together with her of course). Like the polish addict I am, I immediately examined her nail polishes and found this gem. Luckily for me, she said that she didn't liked this colour at all, and that I could have it, woho!

I chose to take a close-up of the bottle alone, to show the purple-ness and how amazing the shimmer really is. It almost looks like a little galaxy in there!

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