Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Green marbles

Once again, you can tell my old photos apart from the new ones by my nail shape, and it feels so weird editing and posting photos from weeks, even months ago, but I have so much in my archive that are worth showing so I guess I'll have to put up with this weird feeling.

So this is the manicure I wore when me and my friend Ida went to Stockholm three weeks ago. I became really sick just days before our trip, so I didn't really have any energy to do something advanced on my fingertips, so I simply went with this. 

The technique I used is called the saran wrap technique, simply because that is the only thing you will need to achive this look, (well except nail polish) - saran wrap! Starting out with a white base, I panited a fairly thick coat of the green polish over the whole nail. Then, working one nail at the time, using a piece of saran wrap that I had crumpled together into a small ball, I pressed it gently against the wet polish to catch some on the plastic, making the white shine through, and smearing the remaining green, getting a texture very much like marble. Super easy and works with nearly every colour combination!

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