Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day dear blog readers! This is a day I've never really 'celebrated', so to say, but it is a great opportunity to do pink, red and heart-themed nails, hehe. I picked out some pretty creme and glitter polishes in the right colour spectrum, and ended up with what you can see here. I also used a loose glitter in the shape of a heart that I found in my nail art decoration drawer. Unfortunately the red colour started to bleed a bit when I added the top coat, and for some strange reason it isn't especially visible on the first photo here above, haha. Lucky for me!

Nail polishes:
A creme white polish in a OPI Blushingham Palace-bottle, but since that really is a pink/purple polish, I don't know what polish this really is
OPI Die Another Day
Lumene Stand Out
Fate of Flower Nail Polish 42
La Femme Beauty Cosmos
La Femme Beauty Shim T/coat