Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Water marble

Hi there! I was in a really good mood the other day so I figured out I would try something I haven't done in I don't know how long - water marble. I think I have only ventured to use this technique three times in my life, and anybody who has ever tried out water marbling know why! It is seriously frightening. It looks super easy when you are watching those cool tutorials on Youtube, but trust me, it's an illusion. It is sooo hard; to be able to choose the right polishes that actually works for water marbling, to do a nice pattern and then not mess it up on the nail.

Despite all the things that could have gone wrong here, I am very proud to present these nails, I am so happy with them! I remembered using this very colour combination before, and they worked really well together, so I decided to give it a go again. Both polishes are from OPI and the light pink is Panda-monium Pink and the purple is A Grape Fit!.

Since I used exactly the same polishes, I thought it would be fun to do a comparison to the mani I did back then. After some searching I found the pictures, and oh my god. The lightning (everything is heavily over exposed), the different nail shapes and the hand pose is just so weird. This was also before my discovery of clean-up brushes + nail polish remover, so the cuticles were horrible, even though I guess they were ok with this manicure. I have put a then - now compaison picture below, the left on dates back to November 2012 while the right is done last week, January 2015. While practising and just doing your thing, it is hard to notice the improvement over a longer amount of time, and that is why I love to look back and compare, to really get it in black and white, how much I actually have improved over the last few years. :')


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    1. Åh tack! Tycker verkligen om den här färgkombinationen :)

  2. amazing design, you are awesome at water marble technique :)

    1. ah thank you so much! it is soo hard lol but the result is so worth it :)