Friday, April 24, 2015

Purple half moons

Gosh it's been a long time since I did a half moon manicure last time! I thought that the time had come again and pulled out two gorgeous purples and got going. The lighter polish (that looks kind of blue in the photos, but is actually a really pretty lilac purple) is Eternal Lilac from Maybelline New York and the darker polish is 35 from Glam of Sweden - the purple of the skull bottles I posted some weeks ago, if you remember? They made a really nice combination and I loved to wear this manicure.

For those who don't know how a half moon manicure is made, I can tell you that all you need is two different nail polishes that fit well together in terms of shades, a fast drying top coat and paper hole reinforcements. Paint the nails with you base colour, which will be the one showing at your cuticles - the 'half moon'. Add a coat of top coat and make sure it is completely dry before moving to the next step, as always when working with striping tape or similar. Then simply take a paper hole reinforcement and place it at the top of your nail, and press it down firmly to get it completely flat against the nail. The only thing left to do is taking your other nail polish and paint over the bottom part of the nail, and then carefully pull away the paper hole reinforcement, leaving a pretty and sharp half moon showing. Voilá!

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