Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Distressed pink

Hi lovelies, how are you doing? I'm good and the days until graduation are just running away. Soon it's May and then it is June, isn't it crazy how fast the time goes in the spring?

This manicure is made with what many call 'the watercolour technique', using acetone to blend out and soften the colours. First time I tried this was for day 5 of Nail Art Fashion Week, (you can find the nails I did here) and wanted to try it out again, in a full manicure this time. 

I really like these nails, but not as much as the blue ones I did last time, and they look much better in reality than in photos. What I really don't like about these kind of nail designs, is that even though my photos are sharp and of high quality, they can look really un-focused and blurry since the colours themselves are pretty "melt together", if you get me? Anyway, the white base is OPI Alpine Snow and the pink (that actually are a purple, but looked very pink when blended out with the acetone) is Berry Fusion by Maybelline New York.

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