Sunday, November 2, 2014

WARNING: blood and gore

Remember I wrote that I did two pairs of nails for halloween this year? Well here is the second pair, a little less pretty than the previous. This time I went for the bloody and ripped nails look. Here I really tried to catch the halloween-spirit, and the scary and gross part of the holiday. Warnings to them sensitive to blood and similar (no worries tho - it is all nail polish!).

First thing first. I just wanna apologize for the shitty pictures, I was in a hurry and let me tell you; it is not easy to photograph nails with 3D effects without getting weird shadows, and still make the texturing visible. Therefor you will get both sunlight and photobox pictures, and also awkward hand poses this time, yay!

I had so much fun doing these nails. All ten fingers, from start to finish, took about two a hours to complete, but considering the result it was worth it. Before I started I didn't really know what to do, only that I wanted something obnoxious. I searched tutorials but nothing felt on ponit, so I kind of ended up combining two tutorials. You can find them here and here. I also used cotton to get a textured effect on all my nails. I really liked the nails of the second tutorial, but since my nails are pretty long and I won't sacrifice them only for this occasion, I used the technique with false nails in a little different way and on only two nails (middle and ring finger), combined with the cotton and dragging. If someone is intrested to know exactly how I did these nails, step-by-step, please let me know and I might do my own tutorial.

Used polishes:
Nordic Cap of Sweden NP09 (red base)
Red polish from unknown brand that came with some magazine, it is the most blood-resembled polish I own
Nordic Cap of Sweden NP02 (beige)
& other stories Swanskin Beige (a lighter beige to make it all more skin-like)
Seche Vite (thick top coat)

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