Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Review - Born Pretty Store water decals

This post contains products that where sent to my for review. The opinions expressed are my own and completely unbiased.

Hi lovelies! Today I will review coconut trees water decals from Born Pretty Store! Water decals are very popular in nail art right now - probably because it is such an easy and fast way to make fantastic nail art! Below you can see the packaging of the decals and keep scrolling down for my review.

So. I am not going to lie, I had real problems with these decals. But that was also completely my own fault, since I didn't read through the instructions on the back of the packaging (note to self: read the damn instructions!). Even though that I've never tried out water decals for nails before, I thought that I knew how to do it. Well, apparently not. This whole process was such a mess. The decals wouldn't come off or did it in pieces, I lost trunks so I had to paint my own (pointer), for some reason the clean-up after the gradient didn't work out so my cuticles are a mess, the black polish I used to make the "ground" was old and layered itself on the nail (most visible on my ring finger) and when I finally got the hang of it (look how pretty ring finger is!) the top coat, of course, completely ruined my pinkie finger nail. In short - basically everything that could go wrong here, did.

But despite all my fails here, I totally recomend these water decals. It was only my lack of skills that messed this up, and after some practise it actually worked really well, as you can see on the ring finger - flawless. You can see a close-up of that very nail below.

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My absolute best nail.


  1. Galet snyggt! Dekalerna var jätte fina

  2. Jättevacker manikyr! Trist att det gick så dåligt med dekalerna, men just trädstammarna såg ju rätt tunna ut så kan tänka mig att de är lite känsligare än andra dekaler. Fint blev det ändå trots allt!

  3. Jättevacker manikyr verkligen :)
    Ibland får man inte riktigt till det som man vill men det blev hur som helst jätteläckert :)