Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Highlight of the week

- Warning! Long post! To read about the nails only, scroll down to below the next image! -

Hi! As I wrote in my latest post, last week was project week in school! In Sweden, you do this project called gymnasiearbetet, or Upper Secondary Diploma Project, during your last year of "high school". The project started in August last year and ended now in May, and we're supposed to devote about 100 hours of work into this project, that we have to pass to be able to graduate. Since I go to the Aestethics program with focus on media I could do pretty much whatever I wanted, as long as I could connect it to my program in any way, which is very easy. Pretty much everything has something aestethic to it, right?

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but Weightless Nails is actually my diploma project. I have run this blog for about eigth months as a school assignment, but it hasn't felt like that at all. I've had so much fun and gotten to know so many new wonderful people! So last week my class and our parallel class had the whole week devoted to our projects and the exhibtion where they would be shown. I basically spent the first three days making clouds of paper that we put up in the ceiling all around the school, haha. Our theme on the exhibition was 'The head in the clouds - the sky is not our limit'. During the Thursday we presented our projects in the big audiotorium, in front of all the media students, which woud be about 80 people. I was pretty nervous but it all went great and I am so pleased that I didn't mess up anything! After everybody had presented their work we opened the exhibition for the rest of the school and the public to come and visit. So the past week has been pretty stressful and longwided but also super fun.

Since the project now is over, the presentation held and the evaluation handed in, Wegithless Nails is also officially done. But don't fear - I will continue updating this blog for a long time ahead, but maybe not as frequently as I have been. Even though I am soon graduating nail art will still be one of my biggest interests and the blog is a great way to document my journey in this fantastic part of the world of arts. There are a lot of things happening the upcoming weeks, so we will simply see how many posts I will have time and energy to make, but I will not be gone forever, I promise you that! 

Okay, enough about school. I guess what y'all really wanted to read about was the nails here, right? ;) These are the nails I wore at the presentation and exhibiton. I wanted something simple but still pretty and sophisticated. The result became a french manicure with mint tips instead of white! This wonderful mint neon polish is Highlight Of My Summer by China Glaze. It was hard to capture the accurate colour in these photos, but I did my best when I edited them. As a base I had one layer of & other stories' Swanskin Beige. All topped with HK Grl Glisten & Glow top coat as usual.


  1. Kul att höra om ditt gymnasiearbete, hade ingen aning om att det var bloggen som var det :D Stort lycka till med vad du än bestämmer dig för att göra nu efter gymnasiet, och hoppas såklart på att du fortsätter blogga :)

  2. Underbar manikyr för det första och verkligen jättekul att läsa att bloggen har varit ditt projekt :)
    Hoppas verkligen du fortsätter och all lycka i framtiden :)