Thursday, March 26, 2015

Give-and-take leopard

A new element at my school is a cabinet half the school are walking by when going to the school canteen, and it is called "the give-and-take cabinet". There you can leave things you don't want anymore and believe someone else will find any interest in, but also pick up whatever you want. A few weeks ago, when I saw this cabinet for the first time, guess what I found? A gorgeous turquoise nail polish! Of course I had to bring it home, and I am very glad I did. 

The colour 44 from Claudia Cosmetics is a nice creme that probably covers in two coats, but I used a third one just to be on the safe side. The formula was great and even though the brush was much shorter then what I am used to the application went smooth. The shade actually leans a lot more towards green in person than what are shown in these photos, but it is pretty this way too, haha. To spice it up a little I did a simple leopard pattern on top of it.