Saturday, February 28, 2015


Last week I bought seven gorgeous polishes. And the best thing? They only cost 10 SEK each. AND they are all 15ml bottles. How crazy is that? You really get what you pay for haha. Anyway, they are all from a brand called Glam of Sweden, and my purchase consists of two glitter polishes, one micogltter polish, one extremely thin jelly aimed for french manicures, and three cremes, which is showed further down.

Since the glitter polishes were all so gorgeous and the sun was shining (finally!), I decided to take my photos outside to really show them in their best condítion. Since I also use a macro lens to my camera, I figured I would try and take some macro shots of the bottles - something I haven't done before. And man was I impressed what my camera could achieve, haha. Just look at these pics below, how gorgeous and focused?

So to the cremes. These didn't catch my interest because of the colours, but because of the bottles. They are shaped like little skulls, and I just had to buy them, you just don't pass when finding such cool bottles. And the colours were actually really pretty, even though they aren't exactly unique. Swatches will be up soon!

I hadn't planned to blog about the polish that I am currently wearing, but I took the opportunity when the sun actually was out and I was home (two things that very seldom coincides) to snap some pics. So here we have 46 from Kubiss. Super pretty!


  1. Härliga fynd! :D Kubisslacket var läckert också, alla lack ska visas ju ;) Mer weightless nails till folket!!! ;)

    1. Ja blev jättenöjd med tanke på det otroligt låga priset! Haha tack så mycket :)