Saturday, October 18, 2014

Glow in colour

Last Friday I and some of my friends went to a quite special event, it doesn't usually happen much in this small town of ours. The event was something called Life in Color - a house and paint festival, for the first time in Sweden! It wasn't really what we expected but it was super fun and we danced, sang and jumped for 5+ hours - until the very end. Give it a quick google if you want to know more.

Of course I had done my nails in honour to this special event. When I turned 18 back in April, I got two glow in the dark polishes from my friend Amanda. I have obviously tried them since then but havn't really had a good opportunity to really try them if you know what I mean? But this was my (nail's) time to shine.

I started off with a pretty thick coat of white to get a nice coverage, when the green polish is a jelly and very sheer. I decided to go with three coats of the green polish on top of the white, and finished with the colour you can see on the photos, which is much lighter than it shows in the bottle. The polish was really thick and took an extremely long time to dry. Despite this, it was very easy and nice to apply, and together with the strong effect it weighs up the disadvantages.

After reading maaany tutorials of how to photograph glow in the dark nails, I tried my best but came out of the dark room without any usuable pictures at all. I just don't understand why it didn't work 'cause the glow was super strong in person, but my camera flatly said no. Fortunately, my friend Sandra took a picture at the actual festival. It is a little bit weird (don't ask what happened) but at least it shows how cool my nails were. B)

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